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    12 decorating ideas for a fall wedding

    Think of warm colors, beautiful flowers and lots of creative details. In autumn weddings the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Seasonal cocktail, of course the cider! The ornaments have some of the most beautiful rainbow shades like orange, red, yellow and many more. Autumn is undoubtedly a very beautiful time of year. There are beautiful leaves on the trees, bright blooming flowers (like dahlia, daisies, etc.), beautiful objects such as pumpkins and fresh fruit (apples, pears, pomegranates). Why not use them in decorating your wedding? In addition to this seasonal beauty, we also love the warmth and energy of relaxation that autumnal weddings exude. Below are some…

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    Trendy Wedding Decor with Geometric Terrarium

    The wedding decor is constantly changing with new trends, one of those that have been excited are the metal geometric terrarium! They can be used in the central decoration of the table, in the decoration of the wedding cake, on wedding signs and more. If you are looking for a unique detail in your wedding decoration, think about these elegant geometric terrarium. These beautifully decorated glass items are a huge trend in wedding decoration and it’s a great way to incorporate nature into your decoration. They are ideal for placing candles, string lights, beautiful green plants such as succulents, ferns, dried flowers, stones and much more. They are amazing for…


    25 Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Cakes

    The wedding cake is a part of the reception that we are interested in, to thank our guests tastefully and aesthetically. In our current article we will cover the aesthetic piece, in the future we will also refer to the taste piece, probably with the help of an expert :). We invite you to become creative and choose your wedding cake as a piece of your wedding decoration. You have to think about the place where your reception will take place, as well as the decoration scene that will be set around your wedding. What could be the decor that suits you? Fresh flowers, geometric shapes or hand-drawn details? As…